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Content Marketing | Storytelling | Social Media

Original written work for content marketing purposes. Long and short form blog articles with SEO focused language, case studies, landing page copy, website copy bios, social media captions, etc.  

Unsure what types of content your brand should be publishing?  Full-service strategy and content creation for your social media profiles. Connect to your audience by clarifying and sharing your unique story. 

Build social proof and increase your online presence through specifically targeted social media strategies, organic engagement & professional management. 

Proofreading, consulting and editing your rough drafts or outlines. Providing direction and feedback on your academic, professional or personal projects. Ensure your final work is of the utmost quality.


What's in a story?

Storytelling is art, feelings, the poetry of sound and human connection. 


It’s also inbound marketing.


So what’s in a story? There are characters, conflict, resolutions and a few good punch lines, but a story itself is an extension of the leaders within an organization. The stories your brand tells are a reflection of the things you value. 


A good story marries the beauty of storytelling with the science of marketing. Take Hubspot: Hubspot’s content is value-driven, informative, relatable, and easily digestible. The visuals are on point. The headlines catch your attention. Even the formatting on the page teaches you how to interact with the story.


If #ContentIsKing, Hubspot is Meghan Markle: an accessible, controversial, yet timely inspiration to us mere mortals. 


A good story is vulnerable. She isn’t afraid of spilling her secrets. She shares lessons learned, failures (and successes!) and isn’t afraid to forge her own path. She takes risks, voices her(data-backed) opinions, especially when it’s contrary to public belief. A good story is a trend setter and the right storyteller is a vehicle driving that conversation.


You know who else wears a crown in the kingdom of content? Awario: the queen of conversations. 


Awario’s social listening platform is a trendsetter in itself - but their content marketing game sets them at the forefront of the battlefield. The tool itself helps businesses discover conversations about stuff they already know about, providing answers to questions already being asked. You know the easiest way to convert a random internet user to a lead? Help them with something they’re already looking for. Oh, and did I mention their content does just that as well?


It’s great to tell people who you are and what you believe in, but it’s even better when you align that narrative with a marketing directive, answering questions your audience is already curious about. Without the right strategy, your content army will be demolished by thousands of other voices demanding to be heard. 


So what’s in a story? Quicksprout said it best: “Good stories give big voices to small ventures”.


A story isn’t KPI’s and SEO (though they matter)

A story isn’t CTR’s and CPA (though they measure)


Because at the EOD, a story focuses on the humans (art) behind the numbers (marketing), to make your brand bigger than itself. 


A story is an idea. Make sure yours converts. 

Jenni built our social media strategy from the ground up. She figured out exactly how to connect with our audience and build our social proof.

Royal LePage, Kingston