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July 4, 2019

June 3, 2019

October 1, 2018

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What it's really like to be a digital nomad

June 16, 2019

Every so often people send me messages like “ you’re always traveling” or “how do you get so much time off” or “how can I be a digital nomad too.”

So here’s a couple of myths to debunk:


I am really fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Social Media House which I joined at startup. Mike, Jess and I wanted to build a lifestyle where quality of life was high, and inefficiency was low. Our goal was to do work we like at our highest capacity (quality) for the least amount of time (quantity). The last year and a half of my life I’ve learned and continue to learn how to be the most efficient person possible so I can have as much time playing in the sun as possible. When we sign big jobs, we work around the clock. When things are a little lighter, we play more.


Most of the time, it’s hard fucking work.


The other thing is systems. You can’t just show up on a beach and expect to slam out 15 hours worth of work in a 4 hour work week (as they say). You can’t just wake up when you feel and work when you want (learned that the hard way). And you also have to consider time zones, depending on the work you do. Sometimes you have to start at 5am because that’s 9 where your clients live.


The last few years I’ve worked really closely with Jessica Moll-Oliveira who manages operations and most of our client communication. Every morning she helps me break down my priorities for the day, which leaves me to focus on execution. 

Mike Moll handles sales and ad strategy, so he brings in the work and enjoys disrupting pretty much every time we think we finally have a flow. It makes us really fucking good at adapting to new workloads, new projects and new everything.


If you’re looking to “live the dream” and travel, be sure you spend a lot of time building systems and workflows - plus learn how to be very good at managing your time. 

But mostly, know what it will cost you. It’s a beautiful life, but you have to be comfortable with instability because that’s one sure thing you won’t really have. 






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