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July 4, 2019

June 3, 2019

October 1, 2018

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July 14, 2019

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How to Become a Digital Nomad

July 1, 2018

I left my 9-5 on February 1st, 2018 to join a startup, work remote, and learn how to build a business from the ground up.


Here's what I did in the two years leading up to that day and the things you will need.



You need 4 things to start off with:


AN INTEREST IN SOMETHING - you need a general direction of what you want to do whether it be a twerking blog, artist or website designer. The specifics of what that is It really doesn't matter as long as it is sustainable and able to use internet as your main source of income, or lead generator.


SOME SKILLS/BUSINESS SAAVY - you need to learn some skills about that thing. Google is fantastic. I learned everything I know through three online courses, my own experience, and a general sense of business. I am also quite smart. It helps. 


ACTUAL THIRST TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT - if you want to be a millionaire and then go home and lay on the couch every other day then this is not for you. If you gained a bunch of weight and then worked your ass off to get rid of it, this is for you. See the difference? Thinking you want something versus actually making it happen. If you want this, you don't sleep much for about a year. or two. Or five. I don't know about five, haven't made it that far. 


SOME SECURITY - Whether that is a couch to crash on should everything go south or a Savings account with 10K in it. I personally had next to nothing so it took me a little longer than just up and leaving my 9-5. Security helps you believe in yourself a little bit more. Find out what you personally need to not be absolutely terrified to leave. Push yourself, but don't jump into it irrationally.


  1. I started by helping my friends write their university essays for free. Until I was writing them completely - and wasn’t thrilled so I started charging. Then I got the odd referral, where my friends told their friends “I know this girl who will write essays for you”

  2. Next, I was out of school and not writing or creating anything. I didn’t like that so I started blogging a little bit and posting crap on social media.

  3. Then I made a website on through which I learned how to do myself, with no help (THIS WEBSITE PS). It’s literally drag and drop and took me a day. It costs me 17$ a month to run it hosted on which I bought my domain ( for like 50$ for two years.

  4. I threw it up in my IG profile and identified as a writer & content creator, then slowly but surely people started messaging me about writing stuff.

  5. I did a course on strategy for social media. And then I googled everything I could possibly ever want to know. The course I did was called Instabrand Me by Caley Dimmock. You can find it here: I HIGHLY recommend it. It helped me with way more just instagram - but with ways of thinking about distributing content on social platforms and digitally in general. 

  6. So I started a couple of things mostly just helping out friends and coworkers, and then ghost writing. So if people needed help with a blog post or something I’d write it as their voice.  

  7. Then I met my boyfriend who is a digital marketer. He started outsourcing some work to me, as a lot of his clients were looking for social media management and content creation, but he didn’t offer those kinds of services. So for a year, I made extra cash by working every single evening and weekend on his stuff, as well as the work that was still coming in through this site and my Instagram account. 

  8. I decided to leave my day job and go on full-time with him after one full year; once I had some financial security stored away in case shit went south. Now I write, strategize and teach workshops and training on social media marketing for personal brands and mid-size businesses with unique products or services. There's six of us. 


It’s been a journey - over two years of commitment. At the beginning all I knew was I enjoyed writing and had a knack for social media. I knew I liked being creative and if I stayed at the post production job I was at doing client services and sales, I would lose my soul. So I decided to do whatever the fuck it took to get out. I wanted to be able to do whatever the hell I want, whenever I wanted. So that’s what I do, within reason. I don’t make a ton of money right now, but its enough. I don’t need to work 2 or 3 other jobs to pay my bills which was what I was doing before. 


Mostly, I get to work from my bed - but we’re all working our way to being able to have a completely location independent company. Right now we are nomadic, but we do have a lot of client facing meetings in the city. Our intention is to be able to spend three months down south this winter and see if we can get away with doing video calls instead of meetings, or having enough income to fly back and forth to important meetings if we needed to. 


I was lucky with the connection to my boyfriend, which eradicated my need to do any advertising or marketing for myself. But I was already pretty well on my way to making decent money without it.


If you want more specifics or some advice on how to launch your own stuff, get in touch with me here.




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